Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Aaj Kal ke Bacche!!

While I was at Crossword today, an incident occurred, which blew my wits into pieces. Here goes....

A cute little girl (say 4-5 year old may be), extremely naughty, is pestering her mother to buy her some dolls. She has two in her hand already. Mom says, "Dekho, I said enough. You are becoming naughty day by day". The kid promptly pulls her mom's pallu and replies (head dropped down, shrugging shoulders), "Its ok. I don't want it. You dont be gussa."

A few minutes later, the mother decides to leave. They are waiting at the door for the car. The girl is restless. Shes running all around the place almost kicking against the books. She is singing something... well, making a lot of noise basically. The mother in a desperate attempt to get her child under control warns her(serious tone) that the watchman (looks big, bulky, strong and mean) standing a few feet away will secretly carry her away if she continues this way. The little girl stops, smiles back and retorts, "Mummy, You don't worry. That will not happen. You know why. I am smart".

Smart indeed!!

Om Damani Om - Our Saviour arrives!

Eating an alcohol chocolate for the first time can bring out interesting reactions. I never realized it that sometimes watching someone else eat could be as enjoyable (may be more) than eating yourself. It is especially fun to watch your poor sincere unsuspecting friend being tricked into having a "rom" chocolate, that too sitting in the first bench during the middle of a lecture where we are supposedly discussing Amar Akbar Anthony and Bayes, chimps and normal distribution, all simultaneously.


(Happy face...chocolate chocolate!!)

"Please bata na yaar, isme exactly kya hai??" (chocolate in the mouth, slowly melting away)

(Weird face)
"Dayaa, kya gandha taste hai yaar" (sulk)

(more weird faces)

(Weirdmax face)

(buries face)

(more weird faces)
"Did you people actually realize when it burst??" (bursts out laughing)

(unhappy... more shocked i think)
"I am feeling sleepy da" (confused)

(back to normal)
"I think I am going to puke man. I need water"

(Happy again... class ends)

Sorry Watson.
I will always love you. [:P]

Friday, August 24, 2007

_it (g/h) - A Perspective

A heated argument. A debate. A battle.

I have been asked. I have been told. I presume and have been warned not to assume. The background I know not of, the foreground I can't think of.
Puzzles me.
Bewildered I am.

So, a set of questions I have.
Am I naive or intriguing??

Say what you will, says Clapton. But Keating say, You say it best when you say nothing at all.

Another question here.
Speaking mathematically, which is easier to deal with -
a deterministic setup or a probabilistic one?

A deterministic world would probably perhaps, be much simpler, a logical agent(LA) would say. Everything is straight forward and decided. What is bound to happen should happen and will happen. No worries. The plan is laid out. The consequences of all actions can be reasonably estimated and the best path or the minimum risk direction can be chosen. It seems one has to play sensibly and be at peace.
Yet, going by what we humans are made of. We get bored. We need change. We need to something more than this.

But on the other hand, in a probabilistic world, things are totally the contrary. There is nothing certain. Things though well defined and logical, are uncertain, whatever the extent may be. It seems like an eternal state of confusion with nothing definite and makes one wonder what is the point of such a mess.
Well, there exists a brighter side to this too. Since there is no certainty, there is hope. Along with confusion, there comes the hope, the optimism, the will and the determination. Even when you are in the dumps, down the dark dungeons of life, you can manage to see a thin delicate silvery thread, your only source to light. Beaming voices of "Expecto patronum" ring and sight of the Dementors running helter-skelter you imagine.

What would you prefer now- perfectly order or fuzzy logic?
Is it a trade-off then? May be.

The ups and downs are now in the open.
How do I decide?
Listen to the heart or the mind?

Drawing parallels here, we get back to the chicken-egg problem. The choice between the mind and the heart is the same as that between determinism and 'probabilism'.

So dare to make a call. Nyah, I guess.

Well yes. This is a Friday night. And yes. I am just penning down my boredom.

Monday, August 20, 2007

C* Part 1

It is my theory that things starting C are good and very very like-able. Just to name a few - chocolates, chicken, cheese, chics, (c)etch-up, children, chips, cookies ......on and on.

Incidentally, cheers also begins with C.

Cheers as a place is awesome.

But but, cheers as in cheering = jeering; hence sCary.

So for now, I pray no cheers.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

There's more than that meets the eye.

".......I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and though we are worlds apart, like us, there's more to them than meets the eye. I am Optimus Prime...... "

This is the dialog from the movie "The Transformers" which I just watched yesterday. I was so fascinated that I watched the movie again on my computer today. Well, I am a robot freak and hence happened to like the movie but that is not the point of this post.

A widely acknowledged adage goes as "A man is what he does". As popularly claimed, it is often so easy to 'read' a person's action, then 'analyze and interpret them'. But rarely do we really understand the doer or the doer's intent this way. The analysis and conclusions that follow happen in accordance to our whims and fancies. The mind plays a trick on us and makes logically illogical matter appear in a way we want to see them, in a perfectly coherent and sensible manner. How unsuspecting we are about this!!(sigh)

An unexplainable bias always exist there. Not easy it is to get rid of.

On a totally different note, however confident we are, about these understandings of ours, we are never able to unequivocally state what we feel, for there is, an inherent fear. The fear of may be we are wrong. A battle of what ifs and buts erupt in our brains. Our thoughts go skewed beyond known limits.

We somehow seem to know or is it just that it is in our nature to doubt?

The mind as many believe has probably been the greatest boon to mankind, but never know, may become its greatest bane too.

We can only read actions accurately but perhaps never read into them correctly.

Man is a strange being beyond simple comprehension. There is definitely more to him than meets the eye. May be he is the true Transformer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No Bikes here !!



(When you feel bored in class)


(After long time... my first in IIT)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Up the Duke's Nose

Quite often, we think and contemplate, "What if such a situation were to occur?? What will I do if this happens??" ....

Well, precisely one of those moments occurred yesterday. The scene is this. Eight of us, half tired, are huddled on the banks of a neat looking pond discussing how to measure the depth of the water there and sniggering what each of us could do if the bulls happened to come at us. Just meters away from us, stood a line of what looked like about eight to ten, meek looking, yet strong and huge bulls, buffaloes and things alike. They looked to be peacefully munching on their afternoon cud and looking at us now and then with their gentle eyes. As a sign of courtesy, we acknowledged and stared back(gently mind you), some smiled too, nothing more. Before we knew, three of them charged at us in full speed. Before we realized, each of us were running hither-scatter in different all possible directions, away from the pond, along the pond and almost into the pond even. No one turned superhero, no one was there looking out for the other, all for himself, run for your life!! Apparently the territory was marked and the bulls were just guarding their territory. The sound of heavy footsteps stopped once all of us drifted off about 100 meters away from the pond and the mad chase ended. A close one that was. We quietly marched off, looking behind ourselves, every two minutes; the bulls were still staring at us.

Phew! That was a close one indeed. Of course, after we were sufficiently far away(bulls still in sight), there were the moos and the fingers. The same treatment was extended for the rest of their kind we met yesterday!

What were we doing there? Ah, yes!, we were climbing down the Duke's nose. A lovely place just at the entrance of Khandala. Greenery all over, totally covered with mist, small waterfalls here and there, gives a feeling of euphoria. A light drizzle, chill winds, tiny amount of sunlight managing to escape the silvery clouds all provided a perfect monsoon weather, which just added to splendidness of the place. After a comfortable two hour trek to the top, the valley down paints an ecstatic picture from the top. One face of the hill is very steep and cut in a V shape and hence the name. It is shit scary to look down from the steeper side. Lying on the floor, gripping the rocks, staring into the valley, we could literally see tiny droplets of water from the fog condensing and rising upwards and hitting against for faces like splashes from a gigantic waterfall.

The adjacent Duchess' Nose was equally impressive. A remark here, "If the nose itself is so beautiful, I just can't help wondering about the rest!!". Its true, truly an exquisite sight to watch.

Trekking after a long time is fun!

Damn Bulls! Tiny ponds, clean and dirty! Greenish white scenery! Sweet monsoon rains! Cute waterfalls! Damn bulls again!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007


aya aaya .......
aaya aaya Makkad Man