Monday, July 30, 2007

The Iron Maiden

(The torture begins now... :((()

A Tribute

(Today I walk a new road)

Saturday, July 21, 2007


cutiepie37: Hwo you doing?

Iamsomacho: Who you doing?

c: Wait you are not doing this right.

I: Of course I like it left.

c: Right! right!

I: I could it have sworn it was right there.

c: Right where you left it.

*Awkward silence*

I: You are stopping my flow!

c: Damn.

I: No ding.

c: Already?

Anonymous: Kya kar rahe ho tum log.

Chorus: Kaun.

Anonymous: Main hoon don(e).


I shall now tell you a story. A short story.... but if you suffer from excess attention paying disorder... I am afraid this shall be a very long story. It started on the third story of a story tellers house....


Character yet to be disclosed: Where are we???

Character that cannot be disclosed: How should I know. chocolate donut?

C1: What!! you know I like only waffles.

c2: thats besides the point, we are at 3, 6.5, 9, 30, 47, 23

C1: That doesnt even make sense, even if one knew the coordinate system you were talking in

C2: do you?

C1: no.

C2. hah. useless. aise mauke baar baar nahin aate.

c1: See.

c2: saw.


C1: ahhh I almost prefered the story teller...

c2: but he was telling us HP 7's story!!!

c1: No reason to use force...

c2: the force was never with us...

c1: that has always been the problem now hasnt it...

c2: dont start again... your incessant whining....

c1: So kill me!


*Phhhhhh* *Pooooooooooooooooo* *THUD*

c1: you farted didnt you.

c2: DID NOT.

c1: Yeah actually. Must ve been that white elephant over there.

c2: where?!!

c1: See. I told you.

c2: Damn. 1 point.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Aim Higher!! You must....

Kids are always taught to aim as high as one can imagine. The students at IIT are no exception to this philosophy!!
The following is a picture taken at one of our hostel toilets.

So now you know..... :P

Doggie´s Day Out

Its a dog´s life anyways!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Its All Wrong

"You do have a lovely voice
You even know you're gay, just dont things properly say"
I know I make enough noise
But thought it sounded like a bray!

(Well, this is in fact a parody of My Singing Prowess. But I liked it so much that I don´t mind making a fool outta myself blogging it here :P)

My Singing Prowess

"You do have a lovely voice,
But just donno how to say."
I know I am more than mere mice,
But all I can manage now is to bray.

Something Stupid

One fine night,
Sitting under the moonlight,
One fine night,
I wished for twenty four hours of midnight,
One fine night....

ooo... oooooooo... oooo...oo

One fine night,

I run home with a smile, big and bright;
The net is not so uptight,
Connects just alright.

Hey and hello love,
What you doing with the clove?
Just then, my net says, "Later Pops",
Better still, your phone simply stops.

One fine night.....

Nothing ever happened to the President of America,
Nor did a volcano erupt in Antartica.
Its mere chit-chat and sangreal gossip
But apparently more important than worship.

one fine night.....

Twelve hours of work,

Needless to say, I am but all tired;
Yet, without a blink or a smirk,
I sit in front of my comp, still wired.

One fine night....

I am hungry, but that does not matter
Promptly I am convinced, will eat something later
Against all hope, I sit and wait
Tell myself, its just quarter past eight.
One fine night,
Sitting under the moonlight,
One fine night,
I wished for twenty four hours of midnight,

Just then, I hear my roomie´s watch "Beep Beep",
Srikes to me now, its 4 am and i must sleep.

One fine night,
Sitting under the moonlight,
One fine night,
I wished for twenty four hours of midnight,

One fine night....
One fine night........

(Its just sad that I cannot complete my daily chores)
(Do not read into it much or judge me on this... I was bored, sleepy and was watching Godfather)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Damn net!!

There are very few things I can think of that come this close to really driving me mad.....well yeah!! I am talking about the damn internet connection.

I have been living in an awesome apartment all this only crib is that I don´t have internet access at home. All I can do is to try to catch onto some stray wireless networks such as this. I must be rather courteous to thank these networks, in particular this one, 4247 7710... without which I would have missed out many fond moments of this internship. Without this, I would not have been able to blog this either. But still, I crib...

There should be no net at all or it should be all the time ......
being there and still not being bad.
makes things difficult, complicated and annoying.....
blah blah.

Also, for some reason, I feel like adding these lines from Chicago to this post

He had it coming
He had it coming
He only had himself to blame
If you'd have been there
If you'd have seen it

I betcha you would have done the same!

Thank God! Good Net! I finished this!! [:D]
Just three more weeks, be this way!

Dance with me tonight.....

Stolen glances, a sly smile
A brush of the hands, a clutch of the finger
The heart is happy to prance, nothing vile...
Just something that shall somewhere linger

Bound in words, you have me
Life is short, believe me
We will survive, trust me
Not this time may be,
But when you have the chance, love me.

This is as good as I could come up with....still,
Will you dance with me tonight ?

Thoughts, Memories or Dreams?

So much fun we can compile
Never realized it till date
Been a fool all this while
Stand corrected i, don't tell me i am late

If I had power to tell
Or the eyes to foresee
Toll now would a different bell
And speak now would another me

Worry not for what is
Regret not for what could have been
Lives ours are like locks and keys
We live on with memories and dreams.

Regret.. is a harsh word sweet
If only earlier was the meet
But yes, the memories and dreams will suffice
No if onlys, no what ifs...just something nice.

Thoughts, memories or dreams ....?
A tough choice to make....
Well, may be all some would say,
But may be none, others prefer it that way.

A little less conversation

Hold back hold back the flood gates...
The floods they are a coming
If they come, and if u arent prepared
Heaven help you
For the floods know no mercy

I know it, i know it... you will
For you are not so weak
Tough, strong and still
Dont worry, its just another creek.

The one to blame is time
Toying with us who rhyme
Well,i say as long as there is sunshine
Lets enjoy it with fondue and wine.

It is late at night...almost morning some would say
Does not matter what time of the day
But this one moment lets cherish...
And never in memories let perish.

A little less conversation .......
a little more action please.

Stop Thinking

You sit there... I wonder what you think.
I sit here... words, thoughts on some brink
Pleasant silent night
Quiet, unobtrusive, light...
There is a comfort in the rambling talk
As if for a while all sense took a walk
There is something in the air
Dont know what, to be fair
But the idea... isnt to know
It´s just... to go with flow.
Fair, unfair... have stopped thinking.
But often I wonder, what is your mind thinking?

(From someone who thinks too much...dedicated to someone who does not)


Is there more left to be said
thin lines, treacherous paths to be tread
more dances to dance
things that happen per chance
an end, is there any
beginnings...but many
I would write you a song
even sing it... knowing we hadnt long
Is there a clear way out...
why why why so much doubt
what is this love, what?
give it a name, a slot...
a tiny bit in each others jigsaw...
oh but how i adore this piece
no more rhymes... just a rhythm.

(this is not my original .... strictly with the permission of the writer)

Just for the heck of it!

First Blog!! First Blog!!!

Well, I don't have more ideas for now....

eterniT says : Kya fart hai!! ...sigh.... :)

......just created this blogspace 'coz of late, I have discovered myself talking, reading and writing way more than usual
..... so people of the world, allow me to bore you a tad more with some of my wisdom rather intellect to be precise (a story i got to tell about this :P)

BTW, I am hungry now.....
"lets go get food baccha", I food (am happy :D :D)
...... so off I go.

Hopefully, I will fill this space with more serious shit in due course of time.